Is There a Flu Epidemic in Georgia? 5 Dead and 300 Under Medical Treatment

Is There a Flu Epidemic in Georgia? 5 Dead and 300 Under Medical Treatment

Officials in Georgia, Atlanta have confirmed that there is a flu spreading rapidly and the Department of Public Health has begun since last year a surveillance of this disease. There are five registered death caused by flu-related illnesses and all victims were elderly, three of which had underlying medical conditions.

DPH Director of Communications issues a statement

According to Nancy Nydam, DPH Director of Communications, in 2017 there were five registered deaths, in 2016 there were seven and three years ago there were 28 flue-related deaths.

DPH Commissioner Dr. J. Patrick O’Neal believes it is not too late to get a flu shot. He advised all people older than six months and says it is vital to protect themselves, as well as other more vulnerable of suffering complications: older people and children.

What type of flu is this?

We all know there are many types of flu going around the globe. Apparently, a Friday press release identified the flu as H3N2 form of influenza A. This strain of flu going around in Georgia has had over 300 people hospitalized with flu-related illnesses.

A spokeswoman of Grady Health System has declared that the emergency department has 10% more patients due to flu-like illnesses. The spokeswomen at Gwinnett Medical Center, Beth Hardy, said that the hospital has enough medication to treat the flu and there are also additional supplies, should there be any need. Those experiencing flu-like symptoms are asked not to visit the hospitals to protect patients.

Tyler Pearson, spokesman of WellStar hospitals (11 units) declared that their medical units have yet to restrict visitors due to the flu. He also mentioned that there was a 10% increase in flu-like symptoms compared to last week. Most of the patients are pediatric patients.

The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta also mentioned an increase number of flu cases this season (28%).

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