Donald Trump’s Experimental Coronavirus Treatment Gets FDA Emergency Authorization

Donald Trump’s Experimental Coronavirus Treatment Gets FDA Emergency Authorization

It’s been just revealed that the FDA allowed for the use of Regeneron’s Covid-19 antibody treatment – this is a huge step that will make it more widely available to patients in need.

The latest reports on the issue come from Business Insider.

The drug is called REGN-COV2, and it will be used in people with the coronavirus who are at high risk of developing a more severe case of the disease that’s triggered by the novel virus,.

This will not be used for people who are hospitalized or who need oxygen, according to the latest reports. 

REGN-COV2 was administrated to President Trump 

Just in case you did not know, REGN-COV2 was one of the treatments that President Donald Trump received after he was admitted to the hospital following his Covid-19 diagnosis. As you know, he was back on track really fast with no complications involved. 

“Regeneron said it would have enough of the drug to treat 80,000 patients by the end of this month, and 300,000 patients by the end of January,” Business Insider notes.

The US government purchased the doses via its Operation Warp Speed initiative and will handle distribution.

We suggest that you check out the original article in order to learn all the available details on the matter. 

Bill Gates addresses the good and the bad about coronavirus vaccines 

During these times in which the world is expecting a viable coronavirus vaccine, the mogul Bill Gates addressed a few important issues related to the subject. 

The whole media is addressing two potential viable coronavirus vaccines coming from Pfizer and Moderna.

Gates also addressed his very own concern, but this did not have anything to do with the safety of the vaccine – instead, he is terrified that we’ll be witnessing a “dysfunctional” approach regarding the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines.

It’s also important to mention that he made a gloomy prediction about the future, about the post-coronavirus world, according to reports coming from CNBC. 

Just the other day, he also addressed the safety of the vaccine. 

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