COVID-19 Vaccine: The FDA Aims to Authorize Extra Doses for Vulnerable Patients

COVID-19 Vaccine: The FDA Aims to Authorize Extra Doses for Vulnerable Patients

There are plenty of Americans who have weakened immune systems. The Delta strain of COVID continues to surge nationwide. The Biden administration is manifesting concerns about the current situation.

According to The New York Times, the Food and Drug Administration is accelerating efforts for authorizing extra vaccine doses for those Americans who have a weak immune system.

The move would mean that those with weak immune responses who are also in need of an extra shot would get one legally. This is considered safer than the patients looking for shots on their own, as many already do.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is the US top infectious disease expert and a strong public voice when it comes to the COVID pandemic. He said, as quoted by The New York Times, that “the data are unequivocal that they have not gotten a good response to begin with” and need additional doses.

Over half of the US is fully vaccinated for COVID

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Our World in Data reveals that 50.5% of the entire US population is fully vaccinated for the coronavirus. A number of 350 million vaccine doses were given across the nation.

Even so, reveals that the US has reported over 130,000 COVID infections yesterday, August 6. Furthermore, a number of 750 people from the country lost the battle with COVID and passed away.

As for the worldwide situation, the same source reveals that 4.4 billion vaccine doses were given. A number of 1.19 billion people had been fully vaccinated, meaning 15.3%.

Due to the side effects that some people have to face after COVID-19 vaccinations, not everybody is willing to be injected. Even so, officials hope that the situation will change as time passes. Different incentives are offered across countries for stimulating people to get a vaccine for the coronavirus.

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