COVID-19 Delta: The East Coast of Australia Deals With Dangerous Outbreaks

COVID-19 Delta: The East Coast of Australia Deals With Dangerous Outbreaks

The spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has one peculiar “quality” that we’ve all got used to by now. It raises from the ashes and causes outbreaks just when you hope it’s gone. The Delta strain that was discovered in India continues to spread and concern many experts. It has become the dominant strain in the US.

According to Reuters, outbreaks of the Delta variant are now hitting the Australian east coast. The local authorities are struggling to stop the outbreaks.

New infections are hitting three populous Australian states

Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria are three of the most populous states of Australia. On Sunday, they’ve reported a total of 282 new local infections with COVID.

There’s even a lockdown ongoing for people living in Sydney regions along the coastline.

Gladys Berejiklian, who’s the NSW Premier, declared as quoted by Reuters:

I urge everybody to please stick to the rules, the health advice, and only leave home if you absolutely have to.

There are 362 patients hospitalized in NSW.

The delta strain of COVID is more infectious than others, and it even causes unexpected scenarios. The variant even causes more children to get hospitalized in the US than other strains of the coronavirus.

John Williams, the chief of the division regarding pediatric infectious diseases, is also concerned about the Delta variant. He said as quoted by The Inquirer:

The only thing protecting these young kids is the rest of us and, as a country, we’re doing a poor job of protecting these young kids right now.

We all know that Australia is not a very populated country at all. With roughly 25.8 million inhabitants for its area of 7.69 million square kilometres, the country is not doing well at all.

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