Coronavirus Breaking News: Wuhan Makes Crucial Move, Following Emergence Of New COVID-19 Cases

Coronavirus Breaking News: Wuhan Makes Crucial Move, Following Emergence Of New COVID-19 Cases

The novel coronavirus will probably turn out to be the biggest disaster that our generation is experiencing, and the aftermath will probably be even worse with the global economies collapsing and more tragic events triggered by the disease. 

Wuhan is the epicenter of the novel coronavirus which managed to change life as we know it. The whole world is looking at Wuhan in order to learn how to managed the new virus, how to keep it under control and how to prevent more disaster from happening.

It’s been revealed by the latest info coming from CNN that there are millions of people in Wuhan who are about to get tested for the novel coronavirus within the coming days.

This is due tot he fact that a new cluster of cases emerged despite the 76 day lockdown which was in place in order to eliminate the virus from the central Chinese city.

Over the past weekend, it’s been revealed that there were six new cases that were reported in the city and these were the very first in 35 consecutive days.

City-wide nucleic testing to begin in Wuhan

Non of them were reportedly imported from abroad and this issue managed to spark massive concern that the infection could be spreading in the city where the virus is believed to have first emerged.

As a response to the outbreak, the authorities in Wuhan will be conducting city-wide nucleic testing over ten days, according to the latest reports coming from a notice that’s been issued by the local authorities.

CNN explains that “Nucleic acid tests work by detecting the virus’ genetic code, and can be more effective at detecting the infection, particularly in the early stages, than tests which examine a body’s immune response, though the latter are easier to conduct.”
This is an ambitious screening drive and it was described in the report as a “ten-day battle,” – it’s a pretty crucial move as it could see up to 11 million people tested. The number is huge – it’s ten times the population of Greece so you can get a better picture of the whole situation.

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