Company Aims to Improve Mental Health via Mobile Gaming

Company Aims to Improve Mental Health via Mobile Gaming

We all know that playing video games isn’t actually a good thing if they keep you from doing your homework or projects for your job. Otherwise, gaming is fun, interactive, motivating, and it stimulates your ambition and attention, and so on. With an entire industry behind, gaming can even be used as a way to improve mental health. Scientists suspect it for quite a while, and a company wants to take the idea very seriously.

TechCrunch announces the ambitious intention of Revery to combine concepts of mobile gaming with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for insomnia. Revery is a company founded in March 2021, and it aims to launch its app later this year in the US.

$2 million raised for fighting mental health issues via gaming

Revery announced that it had raised $2 million for its unusual purpose.

Tammie Siew explained for TechCrunch the focus of the company regarding sleep:

It has such a strong correlation with mental health and we’re leveraging protocols, cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia, that’s robust and have been tried and tested for 30 years.

He also said for the same publication:

That is the first indication, but the goal is to build multiple games for other wellness indications as well.

In recent years, mobile gaming has even surpassed gaming for the big platforms when it comes to revenue. The main reason is pretty much deductible. Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful while also raising the quality of the games themselves. Many choose to connect their smartphones to monitors or TV’s, having a much larger screen to enjoy the video games.

Statistics show that nowadays, over 214 million people from the US play video games at least one hour per week.

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