Bad Habits That Increase The Risk Of Heart Attacks

Bad Habits That Increase The Risk Of Heart Attacks

The good functioning of the heart depends on your lifestyle, and this maintains the health of the whole body.

Sitting for too long

Sedentarism, long-time office work, spending your free time in front of the computer can make you suffer from heart disease. The body needs to be active throughout the day. Even a short walk can help keep it in shape. As you watch your favorite TV show, you can exercise a little.

You do medical tests only when you get sick

Regular checking of bad cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, blood pressure levels allows you to make lifestyle changes, eat healthier and follow a medication recommended by your doctor. All these simple steps can save your life.

You don’t have a diversified diet

You need diversity in your diet to keep yourself fit and healthy. The Mediterranean diet is recommended for heart disease prevention, just like any diet that contains good fats, fiber and vitamins.

You smoke passively

If you spend your free time with friends who smoke and smoke passively, you are not protected from heart disease. Cigarette smoke also affects your blood vessels. One solution would be not to stay indoors, and if a meeting in an open space is not possible, don’t stay in the smoke.

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