A Healthy Diet Reduces ADHD Symptoms In Children

A Healthy Diet Reduces ADHD Symptoms In Children

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a diagnosis based on a combination of behaviors, mainly hyperactivity, inability to concentrate and the impossibility of controlling impulses.

There are more and more cases of ADHD. Poor nutrition of children and abundant processed products lead to this worrying statistics.

The society has come to exhausting the children. They don’t get enough sleep or fall asleep too late, losing the healthiest sleeping hours. They are fed with chemicals and don’t exercise enough in order to stay healthy.  All of these things lead to a weakening of the body and stress.

Hyperactivity and lack of concentration or the inability to control impulses are the natural consequences of a tired mind that no longer works within normal parameters.

ADHD, like cancer, diabetes and many other diseases, is a symptom of a body that’s overloaded and full of toxins. In today’s world, when children are deprived of pure rest, clean food and a lot of movement, it’s no wonder they have this syndrome.

Parents should closely monitor these things and try to bring the child’s diet and lifestyle to a healthy path. They have to give up refined sugar and take the necessary blood tests to discover potential allergies, but also food intolerances, especially gluten and lactose.

The basic menu must contain fresh fruit and vegetables and fewer processed foods.

Replacing unhealthy foods with others that are considered healthier, such as fish, vegetables, fruits, whole grains can help reduce some of the symptoms of ADHD. At least this is what the authors of a study published in Pediatrics say about the role that diet plays in treating ADHD.
A healthy diet, supplemented with omega 3 fatty acid supplements, is recommended by doctors for children with ADHD, even though there are no substantial explanations as to how healthy foods are beneficial to these children.

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