WEF Prepares For “Disease X”, 20 Times Deadlier Than Covid; “What Do We Need Humans For?”

WEF Prepares For “Disease X”, 20 Times Deadlier Than Covid; “What Do We Need Humans For?”

As we already reported, the WEF and the WHO un-elected world organizations are preparing for Disease X. There will be an official meeting on January 17.

A disease that will cause 20 times more fatalities compared to COVID

Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum (WEF) founder, and other influential people are gathering for a 5-day annual meeting in Davos from January 15-19.

One of the topics on the agenda that has caught attention is “Preparing for Disease X” on January 17. COVID-19 has caused approximately 7 million deaths worldwide, but Disease X is predicted to be 20 times more fatal than the coronavirus pandemic.

Some wealthy and influential individuals, such as Bill Gates, believe that the world is overpopulated. In the event of a pandemic that is 20 times more deadly than COVID-19, which could claim 140 million lives, would these global leaders mourn or secretly celebrate the reduction in the world’s population?

Yuval Noah Harari, one of Barack Obama’s favorite authors and a frequent speaker at Davos, has raised “the big political and economic question of the 21st century,” which is “What do we need humans for? Or at least, what do we need so many humans for?”

The tabletop exercise, Event 201, took place a few months before the identification of COVID-19 in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. It is worth pondering whether it is possible for another pandemic to occur in the near future, given the accuracy of Event 201 in predicting the course of the COVID-19 outbreak.

It predicted:

• Conspiracy theories arising about pharmaceutical companies releasing a virus for its own benefit.

• 65% of the population would be eager to take an experimental “vaccine,” a number in line with many Western countries’ vaccination rates before widespread vaccine mandates.

• Control measures and penalties to cut down on dangerous “misinformation.” “If the solution means controlling and reducing access to information, I think it’s the right choice,” a fictional speaker in the simulation said.

• Large-scale protests, riots, violent crackdowns, and even martial law, leading to a loss of public trust in administrations, economic turmoil, and long-lasting societal impacts like loss of faith in government and media and the breakdown of social cohesion.

Stay tuned for more important news about what the elites are preparing.

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