J&J Covid Vaccine Protection New Surprising Data Is Released

J&J Covid Vaccine Protection New Surprising Data Is Released

The effectiveness of the vaccines against the novel coronavirus has been making lots of headlines these days. Now, we’re back with new info that will probably make a lot of people hope that we can eventually get past this nightmare thanks to the vaccines.

Now, the J&J vaccine is in the spotlight and it’s great news about the efficiency of the jab.

News about J&J vaccine efficiency is out 

USA Today just noted that Johnson & Johnson released new data and this shows the fact that a booster dose of its vaccine given two months after the one-shot vaccine provides 94% protection against moderate-to-severe covid symptoms.

J&J cited three studies of the vaccine and said:

“the booster shot offers 100% protection against severe or critical symptoms.”

The firm also stated that a booster dose given six months after the single shot provides even more protection.

The same online publication that we mentioned above notes that the results are “in line with data from studies of Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines.”

“A single-shot COVID-19 vaccine that is easy to use, distribute and administer, and that provides strong and long-lasting protection is crucial to vaccinating the global population.”

This is what Dr. Paul Stoffels, chief scientific officer at Johnson & Johnson, said.

He continued and explained:

“A booster shot further increases protection against COVID-19 and is expected to extend the duration of protection significantly.”

Delta variant ravages the world

As you probably know by now, the Delta covid variant has been making our lives a nightmare.

As it’s been already revealed, the coronavirus cases among kids are rising, and this is happening at a time when the highlight infectious Delta variant advances across the US at a rapid pace. 

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The Delta Covid variant is ruling all the other strains across the globe these days. It’s been already reported that the Delta variant is the most dangerous one so far, according to more expert opinions across the globe. 

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  1. Can I take the Johnson & Johnson with the visor two shots ahead and I’ve had the booster too can I take the Johnson also I’ve had good luck with the furniture but I’m wondering


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