Hijacking The Proper Cell Work – How Do mRNA COVID Vaccines Do It?

Hijacking The Proper Cell Work – How Do mRNA COVID Vaccines Do It?

More experts are debating the exact ways in which the mRNA COVID vaccines are hijacking the proper functioning of our cells. Check out the latest reports about this below.

COVID vaccines are hijacking the proper working of our cells

Neuroscientist and biochemical researcher Dr. Dayan Goodenowe has stated that the spike protein mechanism of mRNA COVID vaccines is largely toxic to the mitochondria, which is the cell’s energy production organelle.

Additionally, these vaccines alter our cells to produce the toxic spike protein, which can continue for a long time.

Over several decades, Dr. Goodenowe has developed systems for diagnosing, preventing, and treating various diseases, including autism, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Alzheimer’s disease, as previously highlighted on Vital Signs with Brendon Fallon.
Dr. Goodenowe has developed treatment systems that replenish essential nutrients to restore cellular health function, and these systems have been proving to be increasingly effective in treating vaccine injury.

In Part 1 of Vital Signs – mRNA COVID-Vax Recovery, Dr. Goodenowe discusses the major risks associated with the design and distribution of mRNA COVID vaccines.

Dr. Robert Malone addresses COVID vaccines once more

dr. Robert Malone drops more bombs about truths regarding the covid vaccines. Check out the latest reports about what he had to say below. This time, he talks about truths regarding the covid vaccine for the sake of “vaccine hesitancy.”

Here is what he had to say via the social media platform X:

“The Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic refuses to investigate pseudo mRNA “vaccine” injuries – because the committee is afraid of creating “vaccine hesitancy”. That is why they only investigate the origins. They won’t ever investigate the adverse events, corrupt vaccine trials or the regulatory capture of the FDA and NIH. This is why MTG set up field hearings to investigate the pseudo mRNA “vaccines”, she got tired of trying to change the culture of this committee. A committee dominated by physicians…”

He continued and said the following:

“The chair is Dr. BRAD WENSTRUP, members include Dr. RAUL RUIZ, Dr. MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS, Dr. JOHN JOYCE, Dr. RONNY JACKSON, Dr. RICH MCCORMICK, and Dr. AMI BERA. Seven out of sixteen committee members are Physicians… – they are most likely bought and paid for by the big pharma. This puppet show is being controlled by the puppet masters. The puppet masters are big pharma.”

Here is what someone had to point out about the matter:

Looking at the comments, it seems that more and more people believe the fact that they are not afraid of “vaccine hesitancy” they are hiding the truth, which was this was a planned crime against humanity whilst delivering the biggest wealth transfer in history.

Check out our previous article to learn more about what the expert had to say about all this.

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