Dr. Fauci Reveals Vital News About Covid-19 Vaccine

Dr. Fauci Reveals Vital News About Covid-19 Vaccine

The novel coronavirus has been making lots of headlines all year, and things are not getting any better, despite viable treatment and available vaccines.

The world is in the middle of the fourth covid wave, and people continue to freak out each time they check out the news. 

A famous person who has been making lots of headlines regarding Covid-related subjects is dr. Anthony Fauci. 

Not too long ago, we were revealing that Fauci has been making lots of headlines involving the novel coronavirus. We reported that another issue worth mentioning about the pandemic and the efforts to stop it is making Covid-19 vaccines mandatory. 

ABCNews notes that the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said he would support mandating the Covid-19 vaccines for air travel.

“I would support that,” Dr. Fauci told The Skimm podcast not too long ago.

Fauci drops important new details about covid and vaccination 

The expert recently said that there’s a need for the 70 million Americans who are eligible for a vaccine to get immunized.

“Many of those deaths were unavoidable but many, many are avoidable, were avoidable and will in the future be avoidable,” Dr. Fauci told CNN.

Dr. Fauci also addressed the development of the new Merck anti-viral pill.

He described it as “extremely important.”

It’s also worth noting the fact that Merck said the pill was able to cut the risk of hospitalization and death from the virus by half, The New York Times reveals. 

On the other hand, Fauci warned that Americans should not wait to be vaccinated because they believe they can take the pill.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

“While the new medicine may decrease a person’s risk, the best way to be protected is avoiding infection, he said,” NYT notes. 

Merck said it would seek emergency authorization from the FDA for molnupiravir as soon as possible. The pills could be available by late this year.

Fauci also stated the following:

“That’s very impressive, so we really look forward to the implementation of this and to its effect on people who are infected.”

Stay tuned for more news. 

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