The Best and the Worst Diets You Can Follow in 2020

The Best and the Worst Diets You Can Follow in 2020

If you’re thinking of switching your diet plan, and you’re not entirely sure of what would work for you, there might be some smart ways. By knowing what’s best and what’s worst for you, you will develop a healthy system, meaning that your body and mind can be in a fantastic synchronization.

A Smart Way to Lose Weight

For sustainable and excellent weight loss, eating right and well has to be the most significant aim. Of course, we know that diet is a vital part of a perfectly suitable weight-loss method, but the challenge can get a little bit confusing. You start searching on the internet for so many ‘best diets’ that you can believe what’s the real deal anymore. Also, there are a lot of so-called ‘diet-trends,’ which can confuse you even more. Plus, diets don’t represent a ‘one size fits all.’

The Challenge to Lose Weight in 2020

To realize your diets, diet experts and nutritionists worldwide have teamed up to come with a verdict on what is the best diet. Probably, you will be surprised, but many of the ‘famous’ diets aren’t exactly what your body needs, and won’t help you lose weight.

The Fight of the Diets

The results have been made public in the US News and World Report’s 2020 ratings of the best diet plans. A certified team of nutritionists and other medical experts part of the cardiac health field, weight management, and diabetes, developed a comparison of a list of 35 famous and most known diets. The team came up with seven categories, where foods where ranked on a scale of 1-5. The parameters were the nutritional profile, sustainability for both short and long term weight loss, easiness to do it, side effects, safety, and health benefits.

Which Diet Plan Came in First

Based on the ranged method, the Mediterranean diet was voted as an overall best diet for weight loss. It wins over any other diet trends in the industry. The Mediterranean diet is also effortless to follow, and it fights the best with diabetes.

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