How To Cover Up Vitiligo Spots And Skin Pigmentation Problems

How To Cover Up Vitiligo Spots And Skin Pigmentation Problems

Vitiligo and pigment spots on the face can often be unpleasant. Traditional skin supplies are not effective enough to correct them. Then, what makeup products should you use?

You should take some precautions when using makeup on areas with pigmentation problems because they can get worse if the skin is irritated. That’s why you need to be careful when applying dermato-cosmetic products on your face. Makeup has to be gently removed, using irritant-free products, applied on cotton disks. These makeup products must be lightweight in order to be easy to apply and remove.

There are make-up products that have light textures, specifically created for covering up vitiligo spots or other imperfections. They are denser in pigments than traditional skin foundations, and therefore have a higher coverage. They have a more supple structure that makes them easier to apply. Moreover, they are formulated to be used on damaged skin, and do not involve any risk of allergy or irritation.

The most important thing is to give the same shade to your entire face otherwise the result won’t look natural.

For pigmentation problems, use two shades: one that’s lighter and one that’s darker than the rest of your skin. Apply them with a sponge or with your fingers. Use the darker foundation on the vitiligo spots, and the lighter one for the rest of the skin. Blend them together with the makeup brush or sponge. Apply powder and you’re done!

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