Women Were Left Blind After Stem Cell Treatment In Unapproved Clinical Trials

Women Were Left Blind After Stem Cell Treatment In Unapproved Clinical Trials

Lately there’s been a boom in medicine regarding stem cells treatment for different diseases. They are a hope for people who have tried everything and couldn’t get to a result. The same happened to three cases which failed.

Now, not all clinics are legit, there are a lot of clinics who aren’t approved by the FDA because they have no research to back them up in order to treat patients. So, the patients should have volunteered for a clinical trial and be paid for compensation, but they paid $ 5,000 for the procedures, finding the clinics on clinicaltrials.gov. The issue here is that there were no records of them enrolling in the trials, making it seem like there was no procedure at all.

According to the Journal of Regenerative Medicine, there are more than 18 clinics that are suspected that they ask for money on procedures that are meant to be trials, offering them without a research or application before the interventions.

Other listings found on clinicaltrail.gov claimed that were sponsored by companies and did trials for type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, vision problems and more.

In other words, these clinics are taking advantage of the government online platform in order to scam patients that couldn’t find a cure in the traditional medicine. The procedures are taking place without FDA approval and with no research to back them up.

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) has recommended everyone that if they need to undergo a treatment with stem cells; they should look for clinics that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration or a similar national agency (when talking about other countries).

Bioethicist Leigh Turner from the University of Minnesota and his colleague Paul Knoepfler from The University of California have identified 570 stem cell clinics that have been overlooked by the FDA. They hope they will end this fraud and expose the clinics by name in order to prevent other people to get hurt and scammed.

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