UAE Spacecraft Will Explore the Asteroid Belt

UAE Spacecraft Will Explore the Asteroid Belt

Does somebody still believe that only Europeans, Americans, Japanese, and Russians know how to explore space? If so, they are so wrong! It’s great to see that more and more nations are willing to dive deep into the unknown of space.

In a momentous endeavor unveiled this Monday, an ambitious project will unfold as a spacecraft from the United Arab Emirates embarks on a seven-year odyssey, traversing an astounding distance of 7 billion kilometers through space, according to Khaleej Times. This spacecraft, which is named the MBR Explorer in honor of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has a courageous objective—to touch down on an asteroid in the year 2034.

A mission that will last for 13 years

Sheikh Mohammed revealed that the UAE’s mission would explore the vast expanse of the Asteroid Belt, which is nestled between Mars and Jupiter. The endeavor will span an impressive 13 years, with six years dedicated to the development and an additional seven years for the journey itself.

Notably, the MBR Explorer will traverse a distance that’s ten times greater than that of the Hope Probe—the UAE’s remarkable mission to Mars, which successfully entered orbit around the Red Planet in 2021.

Sheikh Mohammed explained via Twitter, as ArabianBusiness quotes:

The UAE project to explore the asteroid belt is a huge national scientific project and a unique global research and knowledge project.

It will include the establishment of private Emirati companies in space technology, the establishment of a ground control centre for deep space missions and the training of new Emirati graduates in this sector.

The UAE can venture far into space, covering five billion kilometres for one reason: its belief in its youth and its empowerment of its citizens.

The forthcoming voyage of the MBR Explorer will boldly navigate through the cosmic realm, meticulously exploring seven asteroids along its path, culminating in an extraordinary landing on Justitia in the year 2034. The mission sets the stage for the UAE’s ongoing pursuit of celestial exploration and demonstrates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery.


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