These Marine Creatures Can Form Complex Memories Just as Humans Do

These Marine Creatures Can Form Complex Memories Just as Humans Do

Remember when everybody was telling you that humans are able to do a lot of fascinating stuff that animals aren’t capable of? We’re not here to contradict the idea. Instead, we want to remind you that animals are also capable of interesting stuff that humans aren’t, from flying in the case of birds and to breathing underwater as fish do.

Also, scientists continue to discover that the human being is a little less special in nature than we were once thinking. A recent proof is that a precise marine creature was discovered to be able to form complex memories just as we all do.

Old cuttlefish are smarter than they look

According to, old cuttlefish are the creatures in question. They can fully remember devouring a good meal. Furthermore, the ability even gets better as the animals age.


Daniel Osorio, who is a neuroscientist from the University of Sussex, said as quoted by

It’s a clever study,
It shows that these animals are really good at learning complicated things.

The researchers trained cuttlefish of 12 and 24 months old (aka Sepia officinalis) to eat each meal of the day at different and specific locations from their tanks. When three weeks have passed, the researchers tested the marine creatures’ ability to remember the locations. Both the old and young cuttlefish appeared for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the right time and place. This indicates that the animals remembered important information for them.

The researchers also added the animals’ personal preference variable to put their episodic memory to the test. Both the old and young animals learned to wait longer when needed. It resulted that they were able to form complex and episodic memories, including the location and time of them receiving the meals, but they could also remember which meal was tastier.

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