Solar Storm is So Powerful That It Triggers Beautiful Aurora

Solar Storm is So Powerful That It Triggers Beautiful Aurora

Solar storms are known as very imposing cosmic phenomenons. The Sun could rapidly change from our best friend to an unmerciful foe. Hopefully, no solar storm will cause major damage to Earth in the near future.
A solar outburst in early October caused some amazing effects on Earth. A beautiful aurora has formed as a result of the solar storm, according to We can consider ourselves lucky, as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are able to disrupt communications if their intensity reaches a certain point.

The ESA captures relevant footage

Thanks to the European Space Agency, relevant footage of the glowing event was captured.

YouTube video

The European Space Agency explains in the video’s description:

This stunning video was created from images taken every minute during this recent period of intense auroral activity in the early hours of 12 October, by an all-sky camera in Kiruna, Sweden – part of ESA’s Space Weather Service Network. The goal of such cameras is to view as much as the sky as possible, so they are fitted with a ‘fish-eye’ lens to see horizon to horizon when pointed straight up.

Solar storms, in general, could turn out to be very dangerous. A researcher even said that such an event has the potential of stopping the internet. Obviously, it’s impossible to imagine a world without the internet these days, which means that we’d better keep an eye on the latest news regarding solar storms.

Explosions occurring on the Sun’s surface, from which energy is released towards the planet, don’t represent anything new. The Sun “belches” material from time to time, as it also happened a few months ago.

A solar storm will occur when our star releases huge bursts of energy as coronal mass ejections and solar flares. Otherwise, the Sun is our best friend, as we all know that it supports all life forms on Earth.

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