NASA Finds a Flower on Mars? What New Photo of the Curiosity Rover Reveals

NASA Finds a Flower on Mars? What New Photo of the Curiosity Rover Reveals

Plants also mean living organisms, as they contain cells, DNA, and so on. If you find plants on another planet, you can consider that you’ve found alien life. Furthermore, you won’t even have to worry about those alien life forms becoming hostile.

New findings of the Curiosity rover built by NASA will surely leave many of us speechless. Mars is the planet where astronomers had always hoped to find some traces of alien life, and they might be getting closer to that huge goal.

Curiosity finds ‘flower’ on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover found the following structure on the Red Planet:

But since it’s clearly not a real flower, although it looks like one, what could it be? According to, the astronomers in charge said that what they found is a mineral formation. The structures are formed by minerals that precipitate from water.

Mars keeps being one of the major points of interest for astronomers. NASA even offers a strong financial incentive for those coming with a great idea of how to feed astronauts during space missions.

NASA describes the challenge as follows:

Over time, food loses its nutritional value. That means for a multi-year mission to Mars, bringing along pre-packaged food will not meet all the needs for maintaining astronaut health,

Additionally, food insecurity is a significant, chronic problem on Earth in both urban and rural communities. Disasters that disrupt supply chains further aggravate food shortages. Developing compact and innovative advanced food system solutions through initiatives such as the Deep Space Food Challenge could have applications in home and community-based local food production, providing new solutions for humanitarian responses to floods and droughts, and new technologies for rapid deployment following disasters.

We’re eagerly waiting to find out what astronomers have in store to do next when it comes to the Red Planet!

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