NASA Claims Its DART Mission Successfully Changed the Trajectory of an Asteroid

NASA Claims Its DART Mission Successfully Changed the Trajectory of an Asteroid

In order for humanity to have a chance of survival if a really huge asteroid is heading our way, astronomers must find a way to destroy or deflect that space rock. Back in September, NASA deployed the DART mission (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) in its attempt to change the trajectory of Dimorphos, a small asteroid orbiting a larger one called Didymos.

While it became clear that the collision itself did occur, astronomers still needed some time to see if the space rock has indeed changed its trajectory or not. Now, fresh information coming from NASA itself seems to get us rid of all doubts – the mission has indeed been able to change Dimorphos’s path through space.

A world premiere

For the first time ever, astronomers were able to change the path of an asteroid through space thanks to NASA’s DART mission. It seems that we won’t need a scenario such as the one from the Armageddon movie, which was launched in 1998 and had Bruce Willis in the main role, to save the planet. 

Lori Glaze, who is the director at the Planetary Science Division of NASA, told reporters the following, as Gizmodo quotes:

For the first time ever, humanity has changed the orbit of a planetary object.

Here’s what Ian Carnelli said a while ago, as SciTechDaily quotes:

The results from DART will prepare us for Hera’s visit to the Didymos binary system to examine the aftermath of this impact a few years from now,

Hera will help us understand what happened to Dimorphos, the first celestial body to be measurably moved by humankind, and ultimately to protect ourselves from space rocks that could one day do the same.

Now that humanity has a chance to avoid getting destroyed by a huge asteroid, all we need to do is get rid of the rest of this world’s problems: wars, poverty, disease, corruption, and so on. Simple, right?

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