Huge Meteorite Impact Crater Was Found in Minnesota

Huge Meteorite Impact Crater Was Found in Minnesota

Inver Grove Heights, the city in the American state of Minnesota where about 35,000 people live, is now also the location of a huge meteorite impact crater that was discovered by researchers with the Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS) of the University of Minnesota. It turned out that if such a meteorite hit nowadays, the aftermath would be disastrous, according to Bring Me the News.

The location of the crater is several hundred feet under the surface, which most probably made its discovery so difficult. The size of the crater is gigantic, and it reminds us about the Chicxulub impactor that killed the dinosaurs roughly 60 million years ago.

The impact crater measures 2 miles across

The measurements of the newfound crater will surely raise the hair on your hand. It reaches about 2 miles across and covers an area of 4 square miles. However, further studies might even reveal that the actual sizes of the crater are even a lot bigger.

Luckily, the meteor that’s suspected of having caused the crater smashed into our planet about 500 million years ago. Not even dinosaurs existed in those times, as those large beasts appeared on Earth much later: 230 million years ago.

The first human ancestors, on the other hand, emerged on Earth between five to seven million years ago. 

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Julia Steenberg from the University of Minnesota, where she activates as a geologist, explained:

The disruption is highly unusual, but by itself not necessarily proof of a meteorite impact crater,

However, more detailed examination of deep rock samples revealed a key piece of evidence, odd cloudy looking quartz sand grains that appeared to be fractured.

The new discovery qualifies as the first known impact crater from the territory of Minnesota. Our hope is that it will be the last one as well, considering that scientists are not sure at all that they could handle such a threat.


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