Dragon on Mars Identified By The MRO

Dragon on Mars Identified By The MRO

The HiRISE camera mounted on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter operated by NASA has spotted an exciting vista in the form of a canyon which has an unusual shape. It looks like a Dragon on Mars.

Launched in 2006, the spacecraft has collected a significant amount of information related to the Red Planet. The HiRISE team was looking over images of the Melas Chasma canyon when they observed that a section of it looks like a Chinese dragon when the image is inverted. The image was shared by the researchers on a social media platform, and it hit viral status in a few hours.

It is theorized that the reddish floor of the channel is filled with the remnants of an old lake bed. Light-colored blocks have been spotted in abundance when the zoom is used, and it is estimated that they vary in size from 100 meters to 500 meters.

A NASA spacecraft spotted a remarkable Dragon on Mars

Mars has become an essential hotspot for scientific research in recent years as many space agencies plan to learn more about the planet. Current data infers that life forms may have been present on or under the surface at some point in the past before the harsh environmental condition vanquished them.

Some companies already plan the establishment of colonies on Mars, as the planet has the potential to provide a valuable resource for several industries along with the space required to assemble futuristic large-scale factories without the need to worry about the pollution.

SpaceX is one of the prominent companies which target Mars, and the enterprise has been quite successful in recent years with other projects. The Falcon rockets are already used for significant launches, and an enhanced version of the Crew Dragon capsule could take astronauts to Mars in the following years. The Dragon on Mars canyon is not the only surprising landscape observed on Mars as HiRise also spotted the House Stark dire wolf in the past.

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