Astronomers Are Amazed By Newfound Star That’s Surprisingly Rich in Chemical Elements

Astronomers Are Amazed By Newfound Star That’s Surprisingly Rich in Chemical Elements

Our Sun has 67 of the well-known chemical elements that we can find in the periodic table. That’s pretty impressive for a star! But now, astronomers led by Ian Roederer from the University of Michigan are astonished because of the discovery of another star that contains 65 chemical elements. That’s more than half of the total number of chemical elements from the periodic table!

The newfound star in question was dubbed HD 222925, according to Astronomers are confident that the discovery will grant them some help in understanding how the rapid neutron capture process works.

Even gold is present in HD 222925

Gold is one of the heaviest elements in nature, and it is thought to have been created within supernovae long ago when our Solar System didn’t even exist. This element was also found in the newfound star.

Roederer, who’s a former Carnegie postdoc, explained as quotes:

To the best of my knowledge, that’s a record for any object beyond our Solar System. And what makes this star so unique is that it has a very high relative proportion of the elements listed along the bottom two-thirds of the periodic table. We even detected gold,

These elements were made by the rapid neutron capture process. That’s really the thing we’re trying to study: the physics in understanding how, where and when those elements were made.

Astronomers collected ultraviolet spectra using the Hubble Space Telescope. A Magellan telescope from the Las Campanas Observatory of Carnegie (Chile) was also used to gather light from the HD 222925 star in the light spectrum’s optical part.

Considering that there’s an insane number of stars out there in the observable Universe (about 200 billion trillion), there’s no telling when another one can be discovered that will once again defy all expectations.

The new discovery is awaited for publication in The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series.


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