Yoga Mat Chemicals May Decrease Fertility Chances

Yoga Mat Chemicals May Decrease Fertility Chances

Yoga Mats are known especially for the fact that they are non-slip mats that aren’t likely to catch fire. But recently, people began questioning another aspect of the yoga mat, this time unfortunately, not a positive one.

Some sources claim that there might be a connection between fertility and yoga mats. But no worries, scientists already began researching. One study, which was meant to see if there is indeed a connection between fertility and organophosphate flame retardants (PFRs) from the yoga mat, has already been published in the Environmental Health Perspectives magazine.

The PFRs

The organophosphate flame retardants or the PFRs are chemicals that are introduced in objects such as sofas, chairs, yoga mats, car seats and many other things in order to make the objects less flammable.

New Study

Many researchers from different universities (Duke University, Harvard and University of Michigan) gathered to find and offer a proper answer to the question regarding fertility and PFR chemicals. They studied the urine of more than 210 women and found that some of them had diphenyl phosphate (DPHP, 98%), isopropylphenyl phenyl phosphate (ip-PPP 80%) and other things.


That means the ones who had many Ps in their results are more likely to have fertility issues. In other words, 41% of the women were less likely to remain pregnant and 31% had little chances of successfully carrying a pregnancy.

However, the figures aren’t 100% exact because only women from Boston have been observed and they can also have different ways of living (more or less fertility-driven).

The scientists eventually proved that the PRFs can affect fertility. After their study many others followed, even one that was published in the Endocrine Disruptors journal was about similar fertility issues. Probably the best thing a woman can do in order to increase her fertility chances is to stay away from PFRs as much as she can.

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