Wonderful ways to naturally enhance your fertility

Wonderful ways to naturally enhance your fertility

The phrase, “fertility journey” can evoke so many different emotions. For some women it triggers a sense of excitement and anticipation for the future, for others, it can bring an overwhelming sense of fear and heartbreak at the thought of what may lie ahead.

No matter where on your fertility journey you might be, it’s important to remember that no two journeys are the same and throughout this experience, many women encounter highs and lows as they try to conceive. The road to parenthood can be full of twists and turns, however, there are some natural ways you can enhance your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving. If you are ready to start your parenthood journey be sure to schedule a visit with your gynecologist. This will give you the insight you need on whether you will be able to get pregnant naturally or if it is time to explore other options.

Want to know more? Read on to discover some wonderful ways you can naturally enhance your fertility.

Be mindful of your caffeine intake

There are numerous reports that state caffeine and fertility simply don’t mix. However, a closer look at information available online shows that you probably won’t need to give up your coffee habit entirely whilst you’re trying to conceive, however cutting down your intake to smaller cups, for example, is advisable. It’s also worth noting that a limited caffeine intake is recommended by healthcare professionals throughout pregnancy, as this will decrease the risk of a spontaneous abortion/miscarriage. So, it might be worth cutting back on your caffeine intake as part of your preparation for a healthy pregnancy when the time comes.

Move more

While you might be increasing your physical activity in terms of intimacy with your partner, if you want to increase your fertility naturally you might want to increase your current levels of activity when you’re outside of the bedroom. Exercise has many obvious health benefits and upping your levels of daily exercise (in moderation) may help enhance your fertility levels, especially if your current lifestyle is sedentary. Speak with your Dr for more information.

Remember to relax

Who knew making a baby could be so stressful? As mentioned above, the road to parenthood can be full of highs and lows, and when you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed you can expect your chances of getting pregnant to decrease, rapidly. Ensure you’re taking plenty of time to relax and do the things you enjoy the most. If you’re concerned about your fertility causing issues with your mental wellbeing, reach out to your doctor as soon as possible for advice and support.

Enjoy a healthier, balanced diet

If you’re trying to conceive then embracing a healthier, balanced diet may increase your fertility levels, naturally. Boost your fibre intake to keep your blood sugars well balanced and step back from refined carbs and trans fats, as too much of these may affect ovulation and your natural levels of fertility. Ensure your plate is filled high with antioxidant-rich foods, proteins and make your plate as colourful as possible. Eating this way will also boost your mood and give you more energy – the ideal mindset for conceiving naturally and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Final thoughts…

If you’re trying to get pregnant, consider the steps above and reach out to a fertility professional for more advice.  


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