UK Issues High Pollen Concentration Alert for the Weekend

UK Issues High Pollen Concentration Alert for the Weekend

Spring is a beautiful season, when nature comes back to life and temperatures begin to rise, warming us up for the summer. However, for an increasing number of people, spring has turned into a nightmare, actually putting their life in danger. This category consists of people suffering from various lung diseases and pollen allergies, who really struggle to lead a normal life during this time of the year.

As the pollen levels in UK are expected to rise during this weekend, authorities have asked people suffering from pollen allergies and asthma to be cautious and take extra protection measures in order to stay safe.

In this purpose, the NHS has compiled a list of recommendations, which includes:

– using Vaseline around the nostrils, to prevent pollen from entering the nostrils,

– wearing wraparound sunglasses, to prevent pollen from getting in the eyes,

– avoiding outdoor activities and checking the weather forecasts before going outside,

– showering and changing clothes after going outside,

– installing pollen filters on the air vents of the care and buying a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter,

– using nasal sprays daily, to remove impurities and keep the nose clean,

– stocking up on extra inhalers and on anti-allergy medication prescribed by a healthcare provider.  

The NHS has also recommended that people suffering from hay fever should avoid cutting or walking on grass, bringing fresh flowers inside their home, avoid smoking or people who smoke and dry washed clothes inside the house, as the pollen from outside may stick to them.

The Met Office has announced that the concentration of pollen in the air is expected to reach a very high level in all of England and Wales during the weekend. During this period, people who are allergic to pollen or who are suffering from asthma or other lung conditions, may experience episodes of difficult breathing and bronchoconstriction, with some cases having the potential of becoming life-threating.

Furthermore, pollen is not the only issue for people suffering from these conditions, its effects also being amplified by pollution, which is a permanent threat for the health of the entire planet.

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