The Telegraph: Mind-Blowing Plan For London Is Revealed – No Meat, Diary And Only 3 Outfits Per Year

The Telegraph: Mind-Blowing Plan For London Is Revealed – No Meat, Diary And Only 3 Outfits Per Year

It seems that the future of London could look extremely bleak. Check out the latest reports about what is set to happen that will definitely blow your mind.

Bleak future for London

C40 is a global group of city mayors led by Sadiq Khan. They have a vision of achieving net zero emissions, but some critics argue that it will limit personal freedoms. The Telegraph posted a mind-blowing report which we will detail below.

Imagine arriving home after work, but you can’t use your car because private vehicles no longer exist. You change into something comfortable, choosing from one of the three new clothing items you are allowed to purchase each year.

Then you head downstairs for dinner, feeling hungry after a long day of being eco-friendly. However, you can’t have meat or dairy because they are not allowed.

If you’re thinking about taking a vacation, you might be disappointed to remember that you’ve already used your one short-haul return flight allowance for the next three years.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, is known for his efforts to combat climate change. He has faced major criticism for his unrelenting expansion of the Ulez ultra-low emissions zone in August, which affected businesses, disadvantaged citizens and vigilante vandals.

However, Khan is not slowing down, as new plans to lower the speed limit to 20mph on a further 40 miles of roads in London were unveiled this week. This is the largest-ever rollout of speed limit reductions in the capital to date.

Since December 2021, Khan has led C40, which comprises the mayors of 96 cities from six different continents. The collective conducts research, holds conferences, and draws up “climate action plans.” It was founded by Ken Livingstone, the then-Labour mayor of London, in 2005.

It was in the following year that it merged with a similar organization set up by former US President Bill Clinton. Currently, the board president of this organization is Michael Bloomberg, the US billionaire.

On its website, the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office is listed as a “major funder” among several other governments, charities, and multinational companies.

In 2019, when Khan served as vice-chairman, C40 commissioned a groundbreaking study by the University of Leeds and Arup, a consultancy, on how cities could reduce their emissions by 2030. The study’s main focus was on citizens’ consumption habits, and it presented a range of “progressive” and “ambitious” targets.

The suggestions put forth in the text are quite radical, to say the least. They include the elimination of private vehicles, the ban on meat and dairy consumption, the limitation of new clothing items to three per year, and the restriction of short-haul return flights to once every three years.

Furthermore, the proposal recommends a significant decrease in the use of steel and cement in construction, and an increase in the use of wood, despite its potential impact on efforts to solve the housing crisis by building more homes.

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