The Sims 5 Latest Rumors and Speculations about Cool Features and Official Release Date

The Sims 5 Latest Rumors and Speculations about Cool Features and Official Release Date

The Sims is one of the world’s most popular game franchises ever made. The reason behind this being that Sims gives users the ability to create their dream houses and to entertain themselves by developing the skills of their characters. Moreover, Sims also appeals to a wide age demographic and this also helped increased its popularity.

With that said, Sims 5 is one of most anticipated games of 2019 and the internet is filled with leaks and speculations about it. Considering that these are speculations, it’s quite difficult to determine what to expect from the upcoming Sims installment.

Nonetheless, we scoured the internet in search for the most reliable and plausible speculations in order to get an idea of how Sims 5 is going to be like. Without any further ado, here are the coolest features that are going to be introduced in the upcoming Sims game.

Bikes and Vehicles

When Sims 3 was released, the entire world gaming community went crazy when they found that it’s going to include bikes and vehicles. This feature added more depth to the game and it made it more fun to play. Unfortunately, the developers decided to remove this feature from Sims 4 but on the bright side, there are many rumors which point towards their revival in Sims 5.

Virtual Reality

Considering that all Sims games are life simulators at their core, the introduction of virtual reality seems perfect. Therefore, Sims fans should start thinking about purchasing a VR headset since a VR edition of Sims 5 is highly likely to come out.

Release Date

We know that Sims 5 is under development right now. However, the question that remains is when will it hit the shelves? Well, it seems like we might have to wait a while since the game’s developers have a tradition of releasing a new Sims installment every four to five years which means that Sims 5 will drop somewhere around May 2019.

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