Google Play Services 11.7.46 APK Download Available with Top Android’s Overall Performance

Google Play Services 11.7.46 APK Download Available with Top Android’s Overall Performance

There is an everlasting war between Google and Apple’s operating systems. These are the world’s most popular tech companies and to no one’s surprise, they are competing against each other on a daily basis. The way these companies compete is mainly through software updates which improve their operating systems.

Truth be told, both operating systems have their pros and cons, but Google’s Android is the overall winner. The reason behind this being that Android allows users to personalize and tweak it through different settings while iOS restricts users from making any changes.

Google Play Services 11.7.46 APK Update

Google is also renowned throughout the world for putting a high price on user experience and most of its updates are focused towards improving that. Take for example the latest Play Services update which brings the software’s version number to 11.7.46.

This new update might not contain any innovative visual changes or groundbreaking features, but it does introduce a couple of under the hood performance tweaks. Even though people usually don’t pay that much attention to performance tweaks, they are what keep Google’s Android operating system premium.

Performance Tweaks and Bug Fixes

The latest version of Play Services now runs faster than usual, and it also features a handful of bug fixes which prevent it from randomly crashing. Considering that Play Services is a key element in Google’s Android operating system, no one should be surprised to find out that Google is always releasing new APKs for it.

Since this update is an APK (Android Package Kit), users can download it ahead of the official release schedule. The only catch is that users are required to manually install it, but this is worth it because it provides users with another alternative than having to wait for Google to release the public version of the update.

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