Shorter Work Schedule Should Be Used During Winter

Shorter Work Schedule Should Be Used During Winter

Many people tend to be affected negatively by the arrival of winter. In most cases, people are more sleepy, feel that the workday is too long, and tend to be less productive during the afternoon.

A small section of the population will be affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD includes a selection of annoying symptoms, among which we can count hypersomnia, a bad mood, and feeling quite bleak during the cold months. The rates of depression and suicide will also increase during the cold season.

Some will associate the phenomena with winter gloom, but according to researchers, there might be a reason for all these issues. Since the body clock is not synchronized with our daily schedule, problems may tend to appear.

If the body wants to wake up late, but you force it to wake up early, a complete sleep phase can be missed. Research linked to the field of chronobiology, which explores how the human body governs sleep and wakefulness, argues that our sleep patterns change during winter.

Shorter Work Schedule Should Be Used During Winter

Modern life imposes schedules that are hard to follow.

The circadian clock is used by researchers to measure how the body perceives time. It relies on a 24-hour cycle that influences what we want to do during the day, including the times when we wake up and go to sleep. It is essential to keep things in harmony with the body clock for the right balance.

Several factors contribute to the regulation of the body clock. Among them, we can count hormones, other substances, and select external factors, including the sun. A type of photoreceptor placed at the rear of the eyes is sensitive to blue light and plays an essential role in the calibration process.

The difference between the internal clock and the social clock will cause social jetlag that can have dire consequences in some cases. More research will take place in the future.

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