Our Bodies Are Made of Atoms That Were Synthesized in Stars

Our Bodies Are Made of Atoms That Were Synthesized in Stars

Astronomers observed oxygen in a star galaxy that existed 500 million years after the Big Bang. However, it appears that the oxygen was produced in a group of stars that was even older. When these stars died, the oxygen was dispersed.

Therefore, the findings of the scientists might come from events from 250 million years after the Big Bang. According to scientists this matched the Cosmic Dawn theory, which is an epoch when the Universe first received light.

This period can be seen directly at the moment and that is because the technology is not advanced enough at the moment. The upcoming telescopes that will come in 2020 might change that fact.

According to, Richard Ellis, an astrophysics professor at University College London, United Kingdom “the Universe has expanded nine to 10 times since the light left this object. We’re looking back about 97% of the way to the Big Bang (13.8 billion years ago) when the Universe was only about 500 million years old.”

Made from cosmic elements

Our bodies are connected to the Universe in more ways than you think. Researchers discovered certain elements that has to be created inside the stars. This means that the iron in our blood, the calcium in our bones and the phosphorus in our DNA come from stars that exploded.

Researchers also added that they have a technique which will help them calculate the age of the stars. Using this they will be able to tell when an object was actually created in the Universe: “But we have a clever trick that tells us how old the stars are already at that time in this galaxy. That gives us an indication of how much earlier in the history of the Universe – which we can’t currently probe with our telescopes – that this object actually formed. And we find this galaxy formed its stars when the Universe was only 250 million years old, which is like 2% of the present age of the Universe.”

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