Farmers Surround The EU Building In Brussels To Protest – Europe Is On Fire

Farmers Surround The EU Building In Brussels To Protest – Europe Is On Fire

Thousands of farmers have surrounded the EU building in Brussels in order to protest the climate agenda. The whole Europe is on fire these days, protesting.

Farmers surrounded the EU building

Check out the following relevant tweet below:

The whole Europe is filled with protests these days:

Someone commented: “If the European Union goes away and all of the European governments are removed and replaced with actual governments there could be a second Renaissance.”

Another follower said: “It’s crucial for the world to be aware of the farmers’ protests in Europe, as it seems to be a significant movement spanning various countries. Raising awareness among neighbors and friends can contribute to garnering the support needed for this widespread cause.”

A person said: “The establishment wants to convince you this is all about fuel taxes. In reality, it’s the greatest human rights protest in European history and a demonstration of the people’s total rejection of the globalist new world order agenda.”

Earlier today, we revealed the fact that Macron begins to arrest and intimidate the farmers. How many is he able to arrest? If the entire country comes out against him, he will be forced out of power, and the globalists will go hungry. Perhaps that’s what’s needed. His security forces cannot arrest everyone, and they don’t have the numbers.

Someone commented: “This has to have a conclusion and a winner, whoever backs down now will be a loser. This should not be the people. If the globalist win this early we may as well just give them everything and start eating bugs now. I want to be with the people who reject globalists at all costs.”

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