ChatGPT Becomes Capable of Analyzing Files Without the Need of a Plugin

ChatGPT Becomes Capable of Analyzing Files Without the Need of a Plugin

OpenAI never seems to stop looking for ways to improve its controversial chatbot that has taken the world by storm back in November 2022. A year later, ChatGPT will now become more capable of granting the wishes of its users. The AI tool is even possibly getting closer to making us all get rid of jobs forever. After all, who on Earth likes his job, right?

Jokes aside, for now! ChatGPT is rolling out a new set of features that allows users to interact with the platform even easier than before. The chatbot’s AI will choose a model automatically, allowing the users to generate images with DALL-E, run code written in Python, and open a browser without the need for extra interaction. But that’s not all! ChatGPT also allows users to upload and analyze files, as BGR reveals.

Only ChatGPT Plus members will benefit

Did it sound too good to be true? Well, guess what? It is! Unless you pay for using ChatGPT, you won’t benefit from the latest functionalities that are mentioned above. That’s because the new features are included in the latest beta updates that are available for ChatGPT Plus members.

Even with the new features, we have to admit that ChatGPT is far from perfect and as impressive as his numerous fans claim. The AI chatbot sometimes even “hallucinates” false information, which means that any information it throws at you must be taken with a grain of salt.

If you need another reason to opt for a paid membership on ChatGPT, you must know that the free version of the famous AI chatbot has been updated only with events of the world that take place until November 2021. In other words, the free version of ChatGPT won’t be capable of telling you what’s happening in the war in Ukraine and how much of a rascal Vladimir Putin is, for instance.

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