Scott Disick Didn’t Know Kim Kardashian Will Have A Third Baby

Scott Disick Didn’t Know Kim Kardashian Will Have A Third Baby

It seems that Scott Disick didn’t know that Kim Kardashian West will have a third baby, as it will be seen in the upcoming episode of the renown reality-show Keep Up With The Kardashians which will be aired on Sunday.

Scott Disick, who has three kids with Kourtney Kardashian – one daughter Penelope, 5-year-old, and two sons, Reign and Mason, of 3-year-old and 8-year-old, respectively, had no clue the Kim-Kanye couple was expecting a third baby, a daughter who the couple chose to name Chicago. Chicago was born in the meantime on January 15th and her name is a tribute to the Kanye’s hometown, Chicago, where his mother, Donda, raised him after splitting up with his father.

However, the funny scene which can be fully viewed on Sunday’s Keep Up With The Kardashians episode, it was filmed a few months back when Kim presented to Scott an unfinished room in her house. She explained to Scott that the room will be the crib for her next baby. Astonished by what did Kim said, Scott asked her if she was joking as he has no idea that Kim was pregnant. Kim swore it was not a joke but couldn’t convince Scott.

Well, Scott Disick had a good reason why not to believe Kim as she was not having a belly or any other sign of pregnancy. Kim and Kanye chose a surrogate mother for their last daughter.

Even though the couple struggled to keep the woman’s identity private it seems that some rumors have emerged on the Internet as some people say that Kim’s little sister, Kylie, carried the baby.

However, the famous couple told that the surrogate mother was a stranger and that they feared of telling her she was carrying their baby as they thought she might not be a fan of the couple and could’ve harmed the unborn child.

Luckily, the woman was a viewer of the Kardashians show and enjoyed the idea of being helpful for the celebrities.

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