Amazon Patented Its New Delivery Drone Capable Of Recognizing Human Gestures

Amazon Patented Its New Delivery Drone Capable Of Recognizing Human Gestures

The electronic giant Amazon continues to present patents on its delivery drones. Since it has announced its intention to develop a technology capable of delivering packages using drones, Amazon has not stopped looking and patenting ways to make this project viable. The project’s goal is to implement a new delivery system which will be carried out from the air.

Now, the company is back with a delivery drone that comes to your call and is able to interpret each of your gestures.

This is how Amazon’s latest delivery drone works

Recently, the company has filed a patent to the United States Patent And Trademark Office, registering a delivery drone capable of recognizing human gestures and responding accordingly.

Besides, the new Amazon’s delivery drone would be able to recognize a person when he waves the arms, when points towards something, and even when the person shouts.

On the other hand, these delivery drones would also be able to recognize the flashes of the lights and act accordingly. Thanks to this, it could avoid collisions or even go to a specific point signaled by the recipient of the order.

The drone will recognize the recipients

Thanks to this technology, “the human receiver will be able to communicate with the vehicle through gestures, which will help the drone along its way to the place of delivery”, as the Amazon’s representatives inform in the patent.

However, if the drone recognizes that the person who is going to receive the package is not the recipient, it will stop approaching, immediately. On the other hand, Amazon explains that the drone will also be able to adjust its speed and the direction based on the recipient’s indications.

The patent also details some of the components of the drone, therefore, among other things, the Amazon delivery drone device would have several lights, a standard camera and an infrared one, auditory sensors, and several other specific sensors.

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