AI App Helps People With Speech Impairments Finally Find Their Voices

AI App Helps People With Speech Impairments Finally Find Their Voices

A new online application has been published by an Israeli startup that is behind an artificial intelligence program that transcribes people with speech impairments in real-time. People may now easily try to speak with one another and have their voices heard, thanks to this piece of modern technology. That’s really incredible, isn’t it?! The software also interfaces with AI assistants such as ChatGPT, and it can be integrated into video meetings in order to give captioning and real-time transcriptions of what is being said. This is a significant improvement that’s going to change many people’s lives.

Continue reading down below and learn about Voiceitt 2.

Meet Voiceitt 2: the Voice of the Future

Voiceitt 2, which was created by Voiceitt, enables those who have difficulties with speech to talk freely and become understood by others. In addition to enabling individuals to transcribe their discussions, it converts their non-standard speech into normal speech in a seamless manner. That is just unbelievable in every way!

With the proliferation of new voice AI applications and use cases, I’m excited to witness the creative possibilities our community members will explore, enhancing productivity, fostering connections with loved ones, and bringing their ideas to life using their voices, stated Alyson Pace, CEO of Voiceitt.

The Voiceitt 2 is going to initially be available to businesses and people in North America in the English language alone. The devs, which has its headquarters in Ramat Gan, anticipates expanding its operations to the United Kingdom and Australia by the next year, with other linguistic and geographical expansions to follow.

Voiceitt 2: How to Use it?

The user then trains the software to identify their own distinctive pronunciation by adding words to their own customized dictionary. The program then identifies a user’s learned words in real time and transforms the output into regular speech. The process is indeed complicated, but it sure draws a lot of attention. This gives users the ability to communicate complicated sentences that assist them in better navigating their day-to-day lives, which is an extremely exciting development. Because of a one-of-a-kind interface with Amazon’s Alexa, consumers may also access their gadgets without any difficulty and operate them by just using their voices.

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