6 Steps To Ease Your Back Pain

6 Steps To Ease Your Back Pain

Studies show that back pain is experienced on a daily basis by more than 30% of the total world population. The times we’re living mean mostly jobs that make us sit down at an office from Monday to Friday or even more. Of course, in more than half of the times the painful effects start to appear.

Back pain isn’t all the time serious but it can get complicated anytime. Dr Christopher Jenner, London Pain Clinic consultant, and Dr Dawn Harper, GP, agree that the causes of back pain are undiagnosed and people tend to do something about the pain only when it gets too difficult to be treated.

In order to ease the pain and avoid having these types of pain the two doctors shared their advice upon this issue. Following as many steps as doctors recommend guarantee that we will get rid of the unbearable pain

Step no. 1

Few things are less annoying than sleeping with back pain. It won’t let you rest and you will keep thinking about the pain in your back. This is why it is highly recommended to sleep with a pillow between your legs when you lie on one side. If you want to sleep on your back, put the pillow under your legs, so the spine will no longer be curved in unusual positions.

Step no. 2

Compresses with cold or hot water ease the back pain as well. First, take a hot bath and then place a bottle with hot water on the area in which you’re feeling the pain. You can do it with cold water too but you have to be careful not to get a cold burn.

Step no. 3

Another thing which deserves your attention if you’re experiencing back pain is your front side, namely the abs. Exercising that part is highly important due to the fact that they are the muscles who support the spine.

Step no. 4

Doing daily exercises is also important. Correctly done exercises can help you forget about the wrong posture, which got you in trouble in the first place. Stay as straight as you can.

Step no. 5

Water is very important for the spine as well. The discs can shrink if you don’t drink enough water and this is what may cause unbearable pain.

Step no. 6

Ask for the pharmacist’s advice in case the pain is just too strong. Be careful and stick only to the recommended medicine.

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