The Secrets of the Mediterranean Lifestyle: Be Healthy, Live Longer

The Secrets of the Mediterranean Lifestyle: Be Healthy, Live Longer

A new study revealed that those who had greater credit for sticking to a Mediterranean style of life had a reduced risk of death from all causes by 29 percent and a lower risk of death from cancer by 28 percent on average. This was in comparison to individuals whose routines were the least similar to those seen in the Mediterranean region. That is undeniably a significant motivation that we could bring into your existence. The Mediterranean diet, which is known for its abundance of fruits, seafood, olive oil, vegetables, and whole grains, has long been associated with better health. In point of fact, adopting a Mediterranean way of life in its broadest sense can very well be the key to a longer and better life.

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The Mediterranean way of living emphasizes the need to obtain adequate rest, maintain meaningful relationships with those around you, remain active, and minimize the amount of time spent sedentary in front of a screen of some kind. These are all things that we already know to be beneficial to our health.

The new study, which was conducted by researchers at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, represents one of the very first of its kind because it examines the outcomes of the Mediterranean regimen on a population that does not live in a country that is located in the Mediterranean region and takes into account other aspects of the Mediterranean lifestyle, such as the amount of rest and socializing that individuals engage in.

This study suggests that it’s possible for non-Mediterranean populations to adopt the Mediterranean diet using locally available products and to adopt the overall Mediterranean lifestyle within their own cultural contexts; we’re seeing the transferability of the lifestyle and its positive effects on health, stated Mercedes Sotos Prieto, from La Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

There are a lot of different ways to live our lives, and for some, the Mediterranean approach could do wonders. But here’s the thing: what works for a person could not have the same results for you. However, it would seem that switching to foods that are typical of the Mediterranean region and embracing more of the manner of life that is prevalent in that area would be an easy approach to maintaining good health. You should take from this as much as you need!

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