There is No Proof that E-cigarettes are a Healthy Alternative

There is No Proof that E-cigarettes are a Healthy Alternative

E-cigarettes are considered a great alternative for traditional ones. They are less novice, and they are supposed to replace the need for smoking. In fact, some articles claimed that experts believe that “smoking rates would be dramatically reduced if misinformation wasn’t being spread about e-cigarettes.”

However, that information was not confirmed, and it appears that there is no proof behind these declarations. In fact, certain experts came forward to deny the effects of vaping.

E-cigarettes are not a healthy hobby

While e-cigarettes can be a good option if you want to give up on smoking, they are not that good on their own. In fact, some persons, such as Dr Jones, the local branch President of the Thoracic Society, believe that vaping should be an alternative only for smokers who want to stop: “Restricting the sale of e-cigarettes to only those people who are smoking and want to use e-cigarettes to give up or reduce harm is something that should be considered – and perhaps a subsidy would help in that situation, and being part of a smoking cessation program.”

Nevertheless, we do not have enough information about vaping so we do not know what are its negative effects. That is exactly why young people should not begin using e-cigarettes since we do not know exactly how safe they are. “We don’t want is our younger generation of New Zealanders using e-cigarettes or vaping thinking they are not harmful. We just don’t have enough information on the long-term effects of these products,” added Dr Jones.

“As far as we’re aware, there is no good evidence demonstrating that using e-cigarettes will reduce the incidence of smoking normal tobacco cigarettes,” added Letitia O’Dwyer, Chief Executive of the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ (ARFNZ).

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