You Might Gain Weight If You Sleep Too Little

You Might Gain Weight If You Sleep Too Little

Studies that were made by the University of Leeds showed that sleeping badly might be a reason for gaining weight. The study was conducted on 1,615 adults and concluded that sleeping less than six hours a night added one more inch to the waist measurements than people who slept nine hours a night.

Because of fewer hours of sleep, people will suffer from metabolic diseases like diabetes. Not only there were measurements of the waistline, but they also measured the blood cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and thyroid, and also weight.

The result was that people who slept fewer hours a night had 1.1 inches more on their waist and low levels of good cholesterol which no longer favored their bodies because the good cholesterol removes fat and protect against heart diseases.

Dr. Greg Potter, who is a researcher at Leeds University and specializes in metabolism, said that since 1980 the number of people who suffer from obesity worldwide has doubled.

Not only poor sleep leads to a bad diet choice but also the lack of a few more hours of sleep is also a good reason in weight gain.

Sleeping six hours or less during the night equals not sleeping at all; the brain is not productive, but it’s not as noticeable as in not sleeping at all.

Another investigator in the study, Dr. Laura Hardie insisted on the results that showed that out of the adults that participated in the research, the ones that slept less were prone to get obese.

The normal hours of sleep for an adult vary between seven to nine hours in order to be healthy, giving enough time for your body to prepare for the next day.

If you have problems sleeping more than six hours, try to pin the main issue, which can be physical, neurological or psychological. Fixing bad sleep habits might be hard, but it is necessary; because it helps you function better and it’s healthy.

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