Face Masks’ Effectiveness During the COVID-19 Outbreak Was Reexamined

Face Masks’ Effectiveness During the COVID-19 Outbreak Was Reexamined

Experts argue over the efficacy of face masks wearing in public, including the homemade masks, as well. The report from a multidisciplinary assembly convened by the Royal Society, known as Delve-Data Evaluation and Learning for Viral Epidemics, has reexamined the proof and come out in favor of the public wearing masks, even the cloth coverings.

Such a conclusion is based on the analysis of significant factors, including whether masks can help to diminish the dispersal of droplets. But the report prompted other researchers to express their opinions, starting to argue even more.

Dr. Simon Clarke from the University of Reading stated the report “falls short of delivering new evidence and too casually dismisses precautionary principle when addressing the possibility that masks and coverings could have negative effects on people’s behaviors.”

How Efficient Are Face Masks For Protecting Against COVID-19 After All?

Dr. Clarke also said that until extra proof is going to be released, that’s all recommendations, and pieces of advice can be based. And then, there’s Dr. Ben Killingley from the University of College London Hospital, who added that the report hugely ignored real-world data and that the face masks studies have not been realized during a pandemic.

However, some researchers welcomed the report, including Prof.Trisha Greenhalghm, who stated that it adds weight to the debate that face coverings by the public could end the lockdown. Greenhalgh said that while there have been worries that the use of face masks by the general public could diminish the supply of medical centers, a homemade mask is enough to keep people safe. She detailed: “[Cloth face masks] provide excellent protection, and is more comfortable to wear.”

Dr. Antonio Lazzarino from the University College London couldn’t see the research not more than a non-systematic review of non-clinical and anecdotal studies. He said that we need proof before we realize public interventions involving billions of people.

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