The Mediterranean Diet Named the Best Way to Eat Healthy For Six Years in a Row; What’s So Special About It?

The Mediterranean Diet Named the Best Way to Eat Healthy For Six Years in a Row; What’s So Special About It?

U.S. News & World Report has, for the past six years in a row, deemed the Mediterranean diet to be the healthiest way of eating in the world. And if you thought that was incredible, wait till you hear the rest of it! According to studies, this diet provides a number of advantages, including the capacity of the body to regulate blood sugar levels, the promotion of brain health and lifespan, improvements in heart health, and the possibility of delaying the start of Parkinson’s disease.

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What exactly is meant by “Mediterranean Diet”?

The diet places an emphasis on making healthier food choices as opposed to controlling calorie intake. It emphasizes eating a great deal of vegetables and olive oil while consuming just a small quantity of processed foods and red meat. To this point, it seems quite simple to carry out and follow!

But what truly sets the Mediterranean diet apart from others? Is the fact that it typically consists of savory breakfasts that are served in smaller servings? Well, yes! We are all aware that breakfast has the potential to be the single most significant meal of the day, so why not start with a Mediterranean taste?

What are some of the tastiest recipes from the Mediterranean?

Eggs baked with spinach and feta cheese

This dish is likely to be the most requested by a wide percentage! Spinach, feta cheese, and eggs are the primary components of this dish, which is then cooked with olive oil and various seasonings. Delicious!

Because it contains a good dose of spinach, it is also an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, and iron. Also another great thing is that the fat from the olive oil aids the body in absorbing the nutrients from the spinach, so it is a terrific source of all of these nutrients.

Greek yogurt drizzled with honey and served with chopped walnuts and dried fruit

At least once in your life, you should indulge in this traditional breakfast dish from the Mediterranean region, which consists of Greek yogurt, fruit, and almonds. Greek yogurt is superior to other kinds of yogurt in terms of the amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals that it provides for the body. In addition, eating more fruit can help you meet the recommended daily amount of five servings of fruit, and walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to heart health.

Pan con tomate

Another time-honored recipe, this one from all the way from Spain! Simply grate some tomato and spread it on some bread made with nutritious grains to produce this simple dish. In addition, garlic, olive oil, and onion are excellent taste enhancers and vitamin boosters (yum!) that you might include.

Because the fiber in vegetables travels slower through your digestive system, eating them will help you feel satisfied for a longer period of time.

Toast spread with tahini and feta

This is perhaps the simplest dish there is since all you have to do is put tahini, which is essentially butter made from sesame seeds, over toast and then top it with pine nuts and a little bit of feta. If you consume this, you will, in a short amount of time, have a source of protein, beneficial fats, and fiber.

Which dish from the Mediterranean is your favorite to eat? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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