Recent Studies Found That A Plant-Based Diet Could Improve Your Heart Health And Extend Your Lifespan

Recent Studies Found That A Plant-Based Diet Could Improve Your Heart Health And Extend Your Lifespan

Plant-based diets might dramatically improve your health, according to science. To understand why we need to back up. Our bodies are built to run on glucose, or sugar, which is made by plants. However, after millions of years of evolution, our bodies don’t know how to turn this sugar into energy. So we get it from the food we eat.

The problem is that modern diets contain lots of sugar, and they aren’t good for us. Sugar is addictive, and in large amounts, it promotes inflammation. Research also shows that it undermines our immune system and decreases our mental function, among other issues.

So, is it really worth cutting it out? Yes, say proponents. Consider that plant-based diets are low in saturated fat, refined carbohydrates, and added sugars. Plus, they’re high in fiber and contain plant compounds called antioxidants, which promote health.

Also, plant-based diets have been linked to reduced risk factors for heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. Plus, many experts recommend eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains and legumes. That’s the foundation of a plant-based diet. Two recent studies back up the benefits that this diet can have for our health.

In one study, scientists concluded that a plant-based diet is related directly to a decreased risk of heart disease, which is the top cause of mortality in the United States. The second research centered on postmenopausal women in particular. A diet that stresses herbal proteins, soluble fibers, fruits, and monounsaturated fats have been followed by participants in the diet portfolio. Like in the previous study, in this one scientists have shown that this type of food is connected to improved cardiac health. These findings together indicate that plant-based food may be of benefit to someone regardless of their age. 

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