Miss Vickie’s chips recalled due to potential salmonella fears

Miss Vickie’s chips recalled due to potential salmonella fears

The jalapeno-flavoured Miss Vickie’s chips are being recalled voluntarily due to fears of potential salmonella exposure in the seasoning used for the cooked potato chips.

The company has publically informed consumers that this recall is a follow-up to one of their supplier’s own recent recall of the aforementioned seasoning blend. This included the jalapeno powder which potentially had been exposed to salmonella.

Despite this recall, the company has not actually found any evidence of the salmonella in their chips, but it has been considered a cautionary measure to pull back the Miss Vickie’s chips from public consumption to avoid any health problems with their customers. Their caution would probably be considered wise.

More specifically, the recall is covering only the kettle cooked potato chips with the ‘’Guaranteed Fresh’’ dates of 20 and earlier in bags of 40 grams with the UPC code 060410001769, the 66 gram bags with the UPC number 060410017142 and the 220-gram bags with the UPC number 060410066386.

It is imperative that if the chips are contaminated with Salmonella then they should not reach public consumption as the bacterium is capable of causing diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever. Luckily, the company has reported that as of yet no complaints have surfaced from the consuming of the chips.

The company is working in tandem with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to make sure that the products are being removed from public accessibility and will hold on their further distribution until the issue is resolved. These are the only ones that are being recalled according to the official statement. There is also a reimbursement offered to consumers and the company advises that no one should consume any bags that have been purchased already. More information can be found by visiting the website http://www.canadajalapenochiprecall.com/.

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