How To Make A Gradient Green Tea Cake With Just A Few Ingredients

How To Make A Gradient Green Tea Cake With Just A Few Ingredients

Sometimes when you see desserts which look spectacular you don’t really want to take a bite so that it wouldn’t be destroyed. Here is the perfect green tea cake, looking amazing and glossy. Amanda Tastes, a YouTuber, had made a video to show us the recipe and she tells us that it not only looks good, but it also tastes amazing!

Amanda Tastes Enjoys Making Beautiful Food

Her smooth and beautiful cake is made from scratch. She uses matcha mixture with egg whites meringue and some gelatin to make it look glossy and keep its shape.

The circular pattern is made with different concentration of matcha green tea.As you bite the cake from outside to inside you’ll experience different flavors.

The only ingredient that needs to be put in the oven is the base batter. The rest of it is just a mousse made with different matcha powder concentration, milk which will harden overnight in the fridge.

What Ingredients Does She Use?

You will need 3 eggs, 60 g sugar, 1tbspmatcha powder, a pinch of salt, 25 ml oil, 60 ml milk, and 60 g cake flour.

She also offers a tip for making the matcha powder a smooth liquid. You have to pour little by little the milk so it wouldn’t make bubbles.

Also, the meringue doesn’t have to be very hard, because you use it for the batter. You only have to cook it in the oven for 15 minutes.

Precision and Patience is Required

It takes a lot of precision, steps and bowls to get the perfect patterned cake, but at the end, when she slices it, we’re all going crazy! Amanda Tastes says in her video that her food is like a work of art for her.

We can’t wait to try this recipe ourselves and see how it tastes.

Would you try to make a similar cake?

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