5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Fresh After A Workout

5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Fresh After A Workout

Right after a workout isn’t the traditional time most people think about beauty. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful at every point in your day, including after you’ve hit the gym or come back from a long Summer run. Have you ever wondered how to take care of your body before and after starting an exercise routine? Now you won’t have to guess whether you’re doing things correctly or breaking all the rules right before you begin. Here are 5 ways to keep your skin fresh after a workout.

  1.      Avoid touching your face after a workout

Sweat by itself is a natural process and doesn’t cause harm to your skin. After all, most people perspire after rigorous activity. But the problem with sweat is that it carries all the other things on your body like bacteria and reintroduces it to the body. So, if your sweat sits on your face until it beads down, there’s a good chance that you’re going to break out because of it, especially if you touch your face. And no one wants that. So do yourself a favor, either gently wash your face, or just keep a fresh cloth around to use when you need it.

  1.      Don’t overdo it with the skin products

After a workout, it may seem natural to go about applying all the same makeup you normally do. The problem is that your pores are still open once you’re done working out, so you need to give your skin time to rest. A wash with some basic moisturizer or sunscreen that’s natural is most often the way to go. You can of course put on other skincare products, but try not to make them too heavy, especially after you’ve just worked out.

  1.      Take a warm shower or bath

Although you might like hot showers, save it for another time. After you work out, you don’t want to be too rough on your skin. Instead, take a warm shower (or bath if you prefer) and use a soft cloth instead of something more abrasive. Worry about any dead skin later, but for now, just heal your body with warm water and deep condition your hair to remove grease and sweat.

  1.      Moisturizer is your new best friend

Take a little moisturizer with you and apply it after you take a shower. This will replenish the vitamins and minerals that you need to keep your skin healthy. This is important after a workout because it’s easy for your skin to dry out or be overly oily. Over time, these problems cause wrinkling, coarseness, completion issues, and more! So, make sure that you take some moisturizer wherever you go and that you apply it whenever you need. Try organic skin care moisturizers, instead of products that are filled with chemicals.

  1.      Always stay hydrated

To the creators of Well Within Beauty, everything you put inside of your body is just as important as what you put on it. Therefore, you really must focus on what you eat after a workout and what you drink. When it comes to fluid, water for the most part always wins. When it comes to foods, fruits and vegetables are best. Just keep it light and add your favorite protein.

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