The SDSU Aztecs Had To Postpone Their Practice Because Of A Chickenpox Outbreak

The SDSU Aztecs Had To Postpone Their Practice Because Of A Chickenpox Outbreak

San Diego State UniversityAztecs had to cancel their football practice on 14 August due to an outbreak of chickenpox. Some of the football players were found to have chicken pox so the school had to cancel the practice. Meanwhile, the staff would clean and disinfect the locker room and the weight room so that the virus wouldn’t spread to other people.

The football practice resumed the next day, in the afternoon. On Tuesday, 15 August, one of the players had been cleared and could participate at the practice.

Five Cases of Chickenpox at the SDSUAztecs

Gina Jacobs, the San Diego State University spokesman, announced that they found five cases of chickenpox and they are in touch with the Public Health Services. The first case of chickenpox has been reported on 11 August, but it remained on the football team and hasn’t spread to the student population.

All cases were found inside the team. Ryan Pope, Tyler Morris, and Temerick Harper were the first three players diagnosed with chickenpox.

Chickenpox: Symptoms and How to Avoid It

The Centers for Disease Control considers chickenpox to be highly contagious and it can be easily spread by touching or breathing in particles that come from blisters. Main symptoms include a rash with blisters, itching, fever, a feeling of tiredness, and loss of appetite. Chickenpox causes blisters which will later turn into scabs, the whole illness ending in five or seven days. It is serious in infants or people with a low immune system and can be avoided by getting a vaccine after which, if you contact the disease, you’ll experience mild symptoms.

SDSUAztecs Prepare for Their First Game

The San Diego State University doesn’t require its students to be vaccinated against chickenpox; they only recommend it.

The Aztecs team is now preparing for their first game on September 2, against UC Davis. You can watch them play at Qualcomm Stadium.

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