New Mutant Coronavirus Triggers World Alarm

New Mutant Coronavirus Triggers World Alarm

While people all over the world are getting ready for the firsts vaccines doses that are being shipped, something that’s not too great has been happening. 

These days, it’s been revealed that back on December 8th, during a meeting about the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, experts in public health saw a diagram that had them sitting up straight as Science Mag reports.

Massive surge in cases due to new coronavirus mutation 

The report notes that Kent, in the southeast of England, saw a massive surge in cases, “and a phylogenetic tree showing viral sequences from the county looked very strange,” says Nick Loman, a microbial genomicist at the University of Birmingham.

The online publication mentioned above continued and reports that not only were half the cases caused by one specific variant of SARS-CoV-2 but “that variant was sitting on a branch of the tree that literally stuck out from the rest of the data.”

“I’ve not seen a part of the tree that looks like this before,” Loman says.

Experts are doing their best to try and analyze the mutant variants of the virus that are popping up, and they truly hope that the vaccine can work for these as well.

We suggest that you check out the original article in order to learn more details on this matter that managed to make the whole world freak out. 

Coronavirus in the news 

We’re just ahead of Christmas, and we’re finally going to wave goodbye to the terrible 2020 – this is a year in which people all over the world feel like time was stolen from our lives since the whole coronavirus disaster struck the planet.

Everywhere we look, there’s more coronavirus-related news. New info about an important Wuhan virologist popped up, but there’s also more good news about the issue. 

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