Manchester United Deals With a New COVID-19 Outbreak

Manchester United Deals With a New COVID-19 Outbreak

Football clubs in England’s Premier League continue to have a hard time with COVID infections. The UK is currently the most affected European country by the coronavirus. It was only a matter of time until players from football clubs were affected by the virus as well.

As writes, the famous Manchester United club is reporting that a part of its players and staff members were found positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The team will have to play against Brentford away tomorrow, December 14. But guidance is awaited, as at this point, nothing seems certain.

Players were sent home

From the training sessions, the players and staff members who were positive for COVID were sent home. There were plenty of players who remained on the training field, though, and they had to obey some basic COVID measures. Those measures included distancing as well as individual training.

An official statement issued by the club from Manchester says, as quoted by

Given cancellation of training and disruption to the squad, and with the health of players and staff the priority, the club is in discussion with the Premier League whether it is safe for Tuesday’s fixture against Brentford to continue, both from a covid infection and player preparation perspective. Team and staff travel to London will be deferred pending the result of that discussion.

As expected, Manchester United’s match is not the only one affected by the spread of the coronavirus in the UK. The match between Sheffield United and Queens Park Rangers from the second national league of England that was scheduled for today (December 13) got postponed because of COVID-related issues.

If you’re planning to place a bet on the Red Devils’ match from tomorrow with Brentford, our recommendation is to choose some other match instead. You never know when a match gets postponed, and you’re left in an uncomfortable situation.

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