Latest News On AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine And Blood Clots

Latest News On AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine And Blood Clots

You are probably aware by now of the issues that AstraZeneca’s vaccine has been surrounded with these days. 

It’s been already reported that more European nations and one in Asia suspended the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine. You are probably aware that this has been happening due to safety fears following some pretty severe health issues and even deaths after the vaccine.

Also, it’s worth noting that Thailand announced its plans to go ahead with the shot, but Indonesia said that it would wait after Ireland and Netherlands revealed suspensions a couple of days ago.

Reuters just reported that Denmark and Norway had reported isolated cases of bleeding, blood clots and a low platelet count after the AstraZeneca vaccine. Earlier today, we reported that WHO addressed the issue. 

AstraZeneca’s covid-19 vaccine – what we know so far

BuzzFeedNews reveals that Germany, France, Italy, and Spain have all halted vaccinations with the vaccine. These moves made by the four largest countries in the European Union comes right after pauses in a few smaller member nations.

This also marks a crisis in confidence for a more affordable vaccine that has been seen as a hope of accelerating covid-19vaccination across the developing world. 

Experts stressed that there is still no clear evidence that the vaccine is causing these reported clots, and the cases are being investigated by regulators.

But it’s also important to highlight the fact that all these latest concerns follow earlier questions from experts over the ways in which the company has communicated issues with the safety and efficacy of its vaccine.

This also comes shortly before AstraZeneca is expected to release results from a large-scale clinical trial that will determine whether the FDA authorizes the vaccine for use in the US, according to the website mentioned above. 

WHO urges countries to continue vaccination, although they are meeting to discuss the safety issues today. 

Make sure to check out the news that Dr. Anthony Fauci dropped the other day about the pandemic. 

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